Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eclectic chic master bedroom makeover.....

It was long over do, but the makeover of my bedroom was completed. It was gutted from ceiling to floor. A new heating system was put in, therefore all the ducts had to be boxed in. Once this and the electrical were done, the sheet rock was put up. Then the ceiling, crown molding, doors, flooring, baseboard, and of course the painting....I'm sure I left something out seeing that it seemed never ending, but I'm sure you get the idea.

Then on to the fun part...THE DECORATING!!! I had a duvet I purchased from Anthropologie years ago. I was set on using this as my inspiration piece. Hence, in order to match, the wall had to be painted black. "French Beret" from Sherwin Williams to be exact. I still feel like there is more to be done like accessories, a fireplace screen, and an area rug, but I have a good palette started.

One of the walls has a fireplace which as I said above, I still have to get a screen for. In the meantime, I have placed some accessories in it. The mantle I showed the re-do for can be viewed in detail HERE.

At a tag sale years ago I found this vintage radiator for $10. It is rusted to perfection. Green and blue stones embellish the front. I am in love with this piece. I am still looking for the perfect decor to go on top of it.

I painted my version of subway art on an old table top. "Dream, Retreat, sleep, Relax".

In front of the window I placed an old table with two ice cream parlor chairs I painted copper. The base of the table is an amazing heavy piece of iron. The top was simply a piece of plywood so I covered it with vintage ceiling tin and painted it. Over time it has rusted on its own giving it the perfect patina.

In front of one of the windows I have what was my Grandmother's iron vanity chair that she sat in every morning and night. In front of it is an antique ottoman that I reupholstered with black suede fabric. I outlined it with a gorgeous lace rosette trim. I purchased it from Etsy from a great shop called Frog Feathers . The curtains are a white gauze I purchased from Ikea. They were only $4.99 a pair. I embellished each knot with an organza flower I purchased from Etsy. The shop is Snuggle Bunny Too They were only $10 for all 4 and that included the shipping.

I purchased a great print from Etsy from the shop Black Baroque. It was only $10. I framed it with a frame I already had laying around. You can't beat the price or the uniqueness of it. I hung it on the brick pillar I painted white and distressed.

As I said above, the duvet was purchased from Anthropologie. The white pillow cases are vintage lace ($1 each tag sale purchase), and the black shams are from Anthroplogie. The silver ruffled pillows are from TJ Maxx. I made the bench at the foot of the bed. I posted the "how to" HERE.

The ceilings are bead board and crown molding surrounds them.

Take care,

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  1. Ok, there are a lot of colors in that duvet! I LOVED that you said, you HAD to paint the walls BLACK!!!!

    The room looks amazing! It is a large room? It looks like it is and does it get a lot of light? I love the bed skirt too! And all the special touches!



  2. Fantastic...You were brave in your choices and it absolutely works!

  3. when i opened the link, i heard angels singing their praises.... it's GORGEOUS!!!! LOVE the wall color.... love love love love it!!! and the dressers add such fun color and whimsy. this is my fave room in your house so far, and i have loved them all!

  4. WOW!!!! It is SO beautiful. I bet you sleep so well in such a beautiful retreat. Great job!

  5. There are so many things that I love about this. I love that you have a romantic sitting area. The mint green dresser is DIVINE. And your subway art is just a perfect splash of wall decor.

  6. Your room is gorgeous and the black works perfectly. I love it!

  7. Lisa,
    Outstanding the bench at the foot of your bed!


  8. Wow! everything looks great. Love your bench at the foot of your bed. I'd love it if you's share this at my Paint Color Party going on now!

  9. I love your room and the eclectic feel that it has. Everything is so beautiful. I just found your blog, and love your style!

  10. This is such a beautiful room. I love everything about it! I'm stopping by from Show and Tell Friday.


  11. Goodnight nurse... that wall color. I just love it and I really love that you had the courage to paint it on EVERY WALL! I would have been scared to death. Dramatic, but still so soothing! Enjoy it!

  12. Hi Lisa,
    What is name of your wall color? It looks just like our bedroom...we picked Behr Sled and we LOVE it.
    Our room is much smaller, which worried Mr Design Interruptor that it would make it look to tiny, but it did just the opposite and made the walls recede.
    Ciao ~ Eva ~

  13. I love the wall color and how it contrasts the bright white trim and ceiling. And I love that ceiling btw. I followed your blog and hope you'll stop by and visit mine sometime and maybe follow me too.


  14. Wow! i'd never think about black for walls, but it really makes everything pop!!

  15. Hi Lisa~ Wow- it is really quite lovely with the dark walls and your painted furniture! I love the green dresser in there too- perfect! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  16. I love your ceiling and duvet! Beautiful room!

  17. Great ideas as well as inspiringly informative!
    (It didn't like my made up word.)

    Thank You for sharing!

  18. Amazing! I am such a wimp when it comes to color (hence I look like a snowman in a blizzard in my house). The bold black and the myriad of unique pieces make your room truly wonderful!

  19. Wow, I never would have considered black for a bedroom, but it looks terrific! I think all the white accents make it feel cozy instead of being to dark. Great job!

    Thanks for linking to the party. I look forward to your projects each week.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  20. i've been looking at all of your home make overs, and i have to say your designs are inspired andsooo unique, i love it all! my faves are your laundry room/bathroom and ur master bdrm!

  21. i really wish youd just come live with me for like a month!! lol... this is exactly the style that ive been trying to pull off but everytime i try goin to an antique store or thrift store to find old fashioned accent items.. i just find junk or its WAY over priced!!! very frustrating :'{

  22. I really like the vintage radiator. It's funny how something like a radiator 60 to 100 years later can be considered a work of art.

    -Zane of ontario honey