Saturday, January 22, 2011

My favorite art~sentiment and memories

I LOVE to decorate my home with unique one of a kind furniture and art. The majority is found at the thrift store and turned into treasures. But, my most favorite items are those that have a memory or sentimental value.

Unfortunately my grandparents both passed away with in the last 2 1/2 years. I could go on and on about them, but will save that for another day...It's to late for me to have an emotional night.

Robert and Barbara Ruggles...the most amazing grandparents ever. My grandmother a knock out and my grandfather as handsome as can be.

Shortly after my grandfathers passing, my grandmother gave me the best gift I have ever received. It was a plate that hung in my Grandfather's office. He was a builder and a very happey client had this made for him in 1960. It is a new house with a very happy family. Notice the detail in the photo. In addition, a personal note was written on the back.

My second favorite piece of sentimental art I own was sketched by my Aunt in 1978. It is a picture of the camp originally owned by my Great Grandparents and my grandparents after that. We spent many summers there and the memories are unforgettable. Actually the picture of my grandmother standing on the dock above was taken at this very camp on Copeland Pond. This picture hung at camp up until about 8 years back. After that it hung in my Grandmother's bedroom until the day she died. My aunt knew how much I loved this, therefore gave it to me.

Then, there was an awesome sign that hung in my grandparents finished basement. It was a sign painted for the apple orchards that my great parents owned. In the 70's or 80's my great uncle restored it and hung it in a museum he had created at Copeland Pond. He added a hanging sign to the bottom telling the story of the orchards. This hung in the museum up until his passing....

"About 1915 Archie and Mabel Tupper planted an apple orchard of 500 young trees on this land which he had purchased from his mother. In the 1930's a very sever winter killed 80% of the just maturing trees and the orchard was abandoned. A handful of surviving trees can still be seen on the property. Following this, they concentrated on building and renting camps, boats, and picnic tables on Copeland Pond."

And lastly, this final piece of art has no sentimental value but I wanted to throw it in the mix because I just simply love it. I bought it at a thrift store years ago for $6. The detail is exquisite.

Thanks for taking the time to read about two very special people who will always be in my heart and memories....

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  1. i love that plate- the saying on it is so sweet! your grandparents must have been really special.

  2. Wow Lisa, I guess you haven't fallen far from the family tree....your grand mother was a knock out alright....just like her grand girl!
    I am loving the Fruit Grower's sign. Amazing!
    You're right! The detail in the last piece is absolutely stunning!

  3. nothing in the world like have sentimental pieces i have so much from great great grandparents on down to parents isn't a day i don't walk through my home and i can look at 1 thing and smile and have a precious memory

  4. Loved hearing about your grandparents and I am still loving that plate. Love those pics of them:)

  5. I shall never tire hearing stories about your grandparents and the 'plate'! Your family history is fascinating and colourful and I love reading about it! It makes for a good read on a very COLD Sunday! Have a great day!

  6. Its so strange I read this today,last night I dreamt I was living in my own fantastic Grandfather`s bungalow.I just remeber the feeling of being safe.Its so important to share our memories as we are the storytellers to the past.Thank you for sharing and I love all your treasures especially the $6 find.Happy Sunday indeed.

  7. So sweet. Thank you for sharing your grandparents with us.

  8. I love those PHOTOS!!
    I miss my Grandparents so much!