Friday, January 7, 2011

Reece's retro room....

Well, you have seen RJ's room....and you have seen Sami's room....So now we are onto Reece's room....

His room was gutted from ceiling to floor about 2 1/2 years ago. We went with a retro Ikea theme. The majority was purchased there with the exception of a few things. He was adamant that nothing be "antique" or "distressed"....I begrudgingly had to comply....He chose orange paint for the walls, then let me design the rest....

We put the bead board ceiling in like we are doing throughout the house.  We installed a new hardwood floor.  The iron bed, white locker, red locker, green shag rug, fabric for the curtains, storage cubicle, metal bins, clock, mirrors, side table, bedding, circle art, and magnet board were all purchased from Ikea.  The bed was originally a loft, but Reece got tired of climbing up and hitting his head, so Randy cut it down for him.  The large chair is covered with an Egyptian tapestry I purchased from Ebay.  I painted the Ikea side table with chalk paint.  Believe me when I say his room is NOT always this clean!

I am almost done with the room reveals for the time being. I guess that means there are many rooms left to be gutted and re-done...UGH!!  With in the next week I will show the master bedroom and my laundry room/bathroom.  After that, it could be a while before the next room is finished....In the meantime, I hope to share furniture makeovers, tutorials, and some crafty projects....

If you ever have any questions as to how I do something, a paint color, what products I used, etc. please don't hesitate to ask

Take care,


  1. it looks awesome! i love the color- now i really cant' wait to do emmy's room and show you! :)
    the curtains are awesome! where did you find the fabric? is that IKEA? i know they have some nice striped fabric like that, but they sure didn't have irange when i was there.
    everything is wonderful, though the color is a little much for me... kidding! love it! love those metal bins, too- you scored with those because you can't get them anymore. at least not in the last 2 years that i have been looking!

  2. Awesome! I am a fellow IKEA lover too :)

  3. The color looks amazing! That ceiling rocks, too! Reece is a lucky kid ;)

    Can't wait until Denver gets and Ikea this Spring!

    Have a great weekend! ~ Michelle

  4. Love this room, like all the others, even though there is nothing shabbied'n'chiced nor distressed! Still possesses amazing style and is certainly one-of-a-kind! Have a great weekend!

  5. And another great room!
    Love the color!
    You need to tech me not to be so afraid of color! ha

  6. The orange color is awesome! Everthing looks super!

  7. It looks great. My guy is 9 going on 10 and we are gearing up for his room re-do. The last one happened only because we moved. This room looks great!

  8. Well, the kiddos are done. Those were the most important rooms, right?

    My son lived with antiques his whole life, so when he moved out on his own, he decorated his entire house with "new" everything. Only now, nine years later, is he starting to accent with older items. He inherited a lot of things from me, but a love of antiques was not one of them. ;)

    Thanks for linking to my party. It's fun to see what you link up each week.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  9. I like the orange walls. It really gives the room a teenage look. That's really good I think for Reece. He needs to feel that he is in a room that is for his own age.

    -Zane of ontario honey