Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why pay more when you can DIY it for less....

I am the first to say that I love to walk into Anthropolgie and Pottery Barn and ooh and ahh. I've said before, I'd love to get locked in Anthropologie over night and sleep in one of those luxorious beds. Would I pay full price for any of their items though......NEVER!! Not only are they absurdly overpriced, but some of their pieces aren't even made with solid wood. The backboard of some Pottery Barn pieces are particle board. That's all fine and dandy, but for the prices they charge it's just not worth it. To be honest, their sale prices are VERY a bit overpriced for me.

If you have been following me, you know I am a thrift store addict and love to turn trash into treasure. I randomly pop into these second hand shops or thrift stores when I am out and about. Continue my journey with me and I will teach you that this can be achieved by all. I will also teach you what to and what not to buy.

The main reason for this post is to share my most recent find. Once it is finished, it is a piece that Pottery Barn or Anthropologie would be selling for a ridiculous price of $1,500-$2,500. I found it at Goodwill for $32.50. It was originally $65, but had the 1/2 price color tag.

The piece is a SOLID wood hutch. It is a vintage piece from Bassett furniture. The drawers are dove tailed and open and close with ease. All of the original drawer and door pulls are still there. The piece is nothing but perfect.

Let's do a little comparison. Remember, I paid $32.50 for my piece. Here is a unique piece from Anthropologie....

The price for this is $2,998.00 It can be viewed HERE. The size is substantially smaller than my hutch. Yes, there are some birds decopodged in the background, but this look can be achieved on your own.

Here is a piece from Pottery Barn. The bottom alone is $999.00. But no worries, you can purchase the top for an additional $899.00. You can see the details HERE.

Please know this post is not saying "ha ha, I got this for $32.50". What I am saying is that I would love for everyone to follow me on my journey and learn how to find pieces such as this and make them over on your own for next to nothing.

The makeover on this piece has already begun. The majority is done and I am excited to share the reveal with you tomorrow....

Take care,


  1. ooooh... i cannot wait to see what you do with it! what a great find!

  2. I totally agree! Thrifting is the way to go, for sure!!!

  3. You are right on about the prices these places charge and the quality is just not in line with the price. I do love window shop though, can't wait to see what you do with this hutch.I know it will beat Anthro and Pottery Barn!

  4. Oh I want your hutch!! I have been looking and haven't been lucky enough to find one at the thrift store yet. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  5. Holy Moly! Such a great find! I can't believe that piece from Anthro is so expensive. Dear Lord!! I'd never pay that! ope you had a great weekendm my friend (:

  6. What a great hutch! I do enjoy, sitting back from afar, watching you locate and makeover all these fabulous pieces! It's quite a ride!

  7. I love, love, love your thinking and am a HUGE fan of your site! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  8. I totally agree! I love creating things for a lot less too. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  9. Can not wait to see the finished piece! I have some serious painting to do of larger pieces...It'll have to wait until the spring or summer!

  10. I think it's cute how you want to sleep in their store while they are closed. I guess I can't blame you. There beds are probably really comfortable.

    -Zane of ontario honey