Saturday, January 8, 2011

Eclectic chic bathroom/laundry room

About 3 years ago, the room I am about to show you was a full bath in addition to the other 2 full baths we had. We simply didn't need three. Especially because this is on the level with the kitchen and living room. No one was running up and down the stairs to take showers. At that time, we had a new heating system installed. The monstrous heat contraption had to go in the laundry room. So, we decided to knock the tub out when we gutted the bathroom and replace it with the washer and dryer.

The bathroom design I did 3 years ago was great, but it was a dark brown and just to dark with only a small window. Here is the before: (sorry I don't have "before before" pictures of the gutted mess).....

A few weeks ago I found a $5 gallon of OOPS paint at Home it really wasn't costing me much to re-do this room. I honestly think I spent $10 on the entire makeover.

Since the paint was an OOPS and I don't know the name, I like to call it "aqua meets seafoam". I repainted the chandelier to match the new color scheme. The valance and the fabric on the cabinet was replaced. They both came from a drop cloth. The large vintage window takes up the large wall. I had shown this piece HERE before I had re-done the room.

The sketch holds a VERY special place in my heart. My very talented aunt sketched this back in 1978. It is of the camp that my great grandparents owned, and my grandparents after that. This place holds memories of some of the best times of my life.

As you can see my door is painted black. I am a huge fan of black doors due to the fact that I have 3 kids. I hate fingerprints on white doors.....Drives me crazy! So, black was my solution.

Hope everyone has a great and productive weekend.....

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  1. What a beautiful bathroom/laundry room makeover! It's amazing what fresh paint can do and it makes the room look so much bigger. I love the chandelier and the old window. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Blessings to you,

  2. Wow, $10 bathroom maker must be a decorating/blogger world record! It looks so different.
    I recently madeover my daughters room for $65 and I thought that was inexpensive. Great Job!!!

  3. it looks wonderul, lisa! i love the touches you have added and the new color- though i did love it before, too! the window looks fab, as well as the chandelier! and i love the ceiling!
    since i am on a color-naming kick, how bout aquafoam, or seaqua?

  4. Your bathroom looks great. i love all of the vintage details. I love the color. I never thought of black doors you might really be on to something there!

  5. Your oops paint was a great choice b/c the room looks so fresh and alive! I love your ruffled valance ... did you sew that? And the numbered planters on the back of your toilet are so cute. You've added so many personal touches and it takes the space up to a whole new level. I must confess, I really loved the brown before with that fabulous fabric but you hit the ball out of the park with this makeover!

  6. What an awesome makeover on the cheap! :) I love how you used the window pane to frame the pics! I didn't know there could be so many interesting things to look at in a bathroom! So pretty!

  7. The new paint color is perfect! Love the rustic cabinet!

  8. Any makeover under $10 INCLUDING PAINT is just genius! Love the changes you made and the space is so much softer.


  9. It looks much nicer with the green paint. The paint job you had before was nice but the color was just to dark. You want a bathroom that is lively not depressing.

    -Zane of ontario honey