Sunday, January 30, 2011

Great sign idea for shop owners

I really have to apologize for my lack of sharing exciting projects this week. If you are in the New England area, you know that we have been hit with record amounts of snow this January. I shared a few weeks ago the snow Randy and I have had to contend with. You can see that HERE. Since that post, the snow is higher, the roads are icier and the plow has taken our mailbox out. Getting furniture down our dirt road and into our driveway has been a little tough and last on the list. So in the meantime, thanks for taking the time to view my "little projects".....

A few months back a salon owner saw my signs at the flea market I was vending at. She loved them and wanted some for her shop, but the town she worked in had strict guidelines that she couldn't have a sign near the road. Apparently her shop is set back on the road and this would be her only hope of pulling in any business. So, we came up with this idea:

The two signs were attached with a vertical board on the back. The base of the post is stuck into the planter. The planter is on a cart that wheels. Each morning and night, she pushes the planter to and from her shop out to the street. This is her way of getting around the "permanent fixture" she is not allowed to have.

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  1. it looks great! i love the style of this one!

  2. I love it! I think this a great idea for any number of wheels are turning! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the signs and the implementation...ingenious! Ha! Bylaws just make us gals think outside the box!

  4. What a great idea! Love that it's in a planter!

    Hope you get some relief from the snow this week! I've found that I don't even check the weather anymore because I'm SO TIRED of the news that it's going to be FREEZING! Normal? ha!

    Happy Monday!

    - Lauren