Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A teen retreat

My oldest son RJ is 14 and a freshman in high school.  For the past two years in the midst of house renovations, he has been living in the catch all room off the kitchen.  It housed his bed and dresser.  The rest consisted of the family desk top, storage, bins, the bow flex, etc.  Everyone would just walk into his room whenever they needed something.  Needless to say, this was not working well for him.  If my parents came in and out of my room when I was 14, I think I would have died.  So we finally got down to business and tackled his room.

RJ gives a hand to get the ball rolling...

Once the sheet rocking is done, and we remove the 60's wallpaper from the closet. The ceiling fan gets a $2 makeover. Crown molding goes up. Baseboard and trim are installed. New doors and knobs are put in. The walls and trim are painted, and the floor is refinished.

The majority of the furnishings and textiles were purchased from Ikea.  I did find a TV stand at Goodwill to for his TV and game systems.  It was only $10.  I just had to replace some baseboard at the bottom, add some knobs, and of course paint it.

Finally, a teen's dream come true....

The red locker desk is so cool.  He got that and the swivel chair for Christmas.  When you are done working, it folds up to give more space in the room.  I came up with my own version of  "athletic subway art" for the wall above the bed.  The giant plum wood letters were found at the Brimfield flea market.  Can you believe my luck..All they had were the R and J.  Notice the photos above the locker hanging from a magnet board.  RJ drew those.  I am hoping we have an artist in the making.

There are still some final touches to be made and some more wall hangings to be added, but I have a good start and one VERY HAPPY boy!

Take care,

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  1. Lisa this looks so good! I love the colors and the love the red desk!
    Is the wall above his desk metal? Are those magnets holding up his art work?

  2. Wow..looks amazing! I bet he is soooo excited to have such an awesome room! I love the school desk..I have never seen one like it.
    And the cabinet for $10? Are you kidding me..lol. Why can't I ever find deals like that! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great job Lisa! It came out fantastic and his artwork is amazing! :)

  4. Very cool teen's room! I see your son is a talented artist. I wonder where he got that gift from?????

  5. I am so completely impressed! This is absolutely wonderful!

  6. That looks like it was a real labor of love. Came out really great.

  7. Awesome! What a transformation! Great job! I love that RJ pitched in - it's so rewarding when you know you're a part of the sweating and hard work! :)


  8. that is awesome! there are so many wonderful things about that room, but mostly it screams cool teen guy- love it!

  9. Would you please share where you found that red wall desk

  10. Awesome teen room and I am sure he loves it. Thanks for linking again and could you please add my link to your posts. Thanks!!

  11. It went from looking like a partially finished garage to a room worthy of a magazine photo shoot. I love the transom windows. The cabinet came out great. It's wonderful to have a vision and see past what an objection "is" to what it could be. Your son's artwork adds a personal touch to the space. Lisa, have I told you how happy I am that I found your blog the other day? You've inspired me so much already. Okay, I'll stop oozing. But your creativity really is amazing.

  12. I wondered about you recently and why hadn't I seen any posts from you. It all made sense when I just read the post at Funky Junk about what had happened to your blog! Wowser! That is crazy stuff. I am so glad you are back online now. Looking forward to seeing your posts again!

  13. Im new to your blog. FJI sent me and I have to say I absolutely love love love your stuff!!! I am in the midst of doing some stuff in the house we just moved into and will be buying this year in Sept. This is great inspiration! Sorry to hear someone hacked you =( but you will gain lots of likers from FJI lol Good luck with getting it back on track!

  14. This room is way cool! I will be featuring you on this weeks Amaze Me Monday blog party. Hop on over and grab a button.

  15. I'm sure RJ is lovin' this! Does he think it was worth the wait? ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  16. What a great room for RJ. I love how you have RJ in letters in his room. I also love the sign that lists all the different sports. This is really a great room for a 14 year old.

    -Zane of ontario honey