Monday, January 17, 2011

Shabby chic hutch~thrift store makeover

Yesterday I shared my latest thrift store find. I purchased this hutch at Goodwill for next to nothing. $32.50 to be exact.

My color choices are always based on what I have laying around the house. I spend pennies on my overhead when painting pieces because I am sure to use OOPS paint and a piece of sandpaper for the most part. That is usually it....Unless I add a glaze or some polyurethane.

Here is the OOPS paint I used for this particular project. It is a gallon of Benjamin Moore eggshell that Randy found at the local hardware store for me for $5. I didn't even end up using 1/5 of the can, therefore using less than $1 worth of paint.

I wanted to paint this hutch 3 different colors. Two tones of the green and the interior white. So, in order to achieve the other green tone I was looking for, I mixed the original color with some white. In the end, I had a pale olive green, and a celery green.

The piece is solid wood. The original finish was a bit shiny though, so I would have to do something to prevent the paint from peeling. Many would have sanded the entire piece down. I hate to sand. Having to distress it at the end is enough for me. So, to avoid this step, I prime the entire piece with BIN primer. It adheres to the wood and will prevent any peeling. It is also meant to be used as a stain blocker.

Now I was ready to tackle the project. I painted bin on the entire piece and let dry completely. Bin dries pretty fast. If you are in the right conditions, you should be able to apply your first coat of paint with in an hour or two.

Now you are ready to start applying color! I went with my lighter celery color first. This was going on the doors and drawers. I shared a few days ago, how important it is to have a good brush. You can read about that HERE. By using my Purdy brush with an angled edge, I am able to paint easily on hard to get spots. I don't have to waste my time or money taping or scraping in the end.

Here are some photos after the first coat. Doors and drawers are celery green, the body is pale olive green, and the interior is white for some "POP". The lighting wasn't the greatest in this room at the time of the day, but you should at least be able to get an idea.

To finish the piece, I had to do the second coat of paint, distress the piece with my palm sander and do a new finish on the knobs and pulls. I painted all of them white. Once they were dry, I distressed them allowing some of the natural black to come through. A piece of advice I have when sanding is to let the piece you have painted dry overnight, or for at least 12 hours before tackling this task. If you sand before the piece is completely dry, you are risking the paint gooping up on the piece of furniture and the sander.

My lighting was a little strange today. I tried taking this inside, outside (yes, I made my son RJ help me carry it in and out), with the flash, with out the flash, changing the settings, etc. In the end, I swear it is just the color giving me a hard time. It looks much better in person, but these pictures should give you a good idea.

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    Beautiful makeover ~ love the paint color and how you painted the inside white so it would stand out!

  2. gorgeous! i really like what you did with the hardware! it looks great!

  3. Lisa, I love it! Those greens are so beautiful and on such a large piece. I'd make room for that in my house! The handles in white are wonderful!

    Thanks for the tips. I will use them in the spring/summer when I tackle my large antique hutch/desk that was shellacked!!! BIN, eh?

    Awesome job!

    I'm going over to P&P right now!


  4. What a pretty piece this turned out to be!! I love all the distressing you did to it- the colors are great too!

  5. Such a transformation! The piece has great just needed your touch to update its look! Thanks for linking up at WWC!

  6. That looks absolutely stunning Lisa...check out my latest post to see (in the background of the first photo) the big monstrosity I have in my family room that I have been meaning to paint for ages but just cannot seem to settle on a colour! Very similar to this hutch you have just done, and I love the colours you chose and made :)

    I recently discovered Zinsser BIN and LOVE it, I previously used a water-based adhesion primer that too way too long for my (impatient) liking to cure. BIN cures so fast, it goes perfectly with my 'must paint it right now and I cannot wait' nature, lol!

    xx Karen

  7. Looks awesome, love the colors you used!

  8. Really nice and such an improvement! I have the same problem with that color. My walls are that color and they never photograph well. Looks great anyway! I am having my first giveaway, come check it out!

  9. oh how i wish i knew about that bin primer before i spent the past 10 hours of my life sanding down a large hands are still hurting! oh well, i now know for next time! i am almost ready to share it with the blog world!

    your piece looks absolutely stunning! great job!

  10. This turned out A-mazing! Really beautiful! I love the way you distress your pieces. They look so perfectly imperfect, like you found it that way (sorry, it isn't quite coming out the way I want it to but hopefully you know what I mean). Great job!

  11. Your buffet turned out to be quite a eye-catching and unique, beautiful piece. I love the way your mixed your paints to achieve three separate colors. Very creative! All in all I would say this is a marvelous and successful project. Do you have a dining table and chairs you are going to paint to match?

  12. Hi Lisa ~ This really is such a fabulous piece of furniture and it turned out great! Love the colours you selected but you always seem to know how to have success with colour! Another fab. makeover! Hope you enjoyed your long weekend! xox

  13. Wow..that is did an awesome job. I wouldn't have thought to paint the doors and drawers looks great!

  14. Awesome, I love the color and the distressing! Your pieces are always wonderful!

  15. Great makeover. The color is really nice!

  16. You got this yesterday and it's already done??? Holy Smokes, girl! What a great idea to add a third color! Beautiful piece!

  17. Wonderful makeover, it looks amazing:-)
    Hugs, Biljana

  18. Stunning piece of furniture. Love the colour too.

  19. Lisa, this is so beautiful! I love how you used different tones of unique. I can definitely see the beauty of the piece. As always--beautiful job!

  20. That came out so well. I love how paint changes things.

  21. I have a hutch with that same maple finish that I need to paint but have been dreading it. I didn't know until now that I can skip all the prep stuff if I just paint with Bins first.

    What a great idea to use white for the interior and colors for the balance of the piece!

  22. way cute! and what a deal! we never have those kinda prices at the goodwill near me! something like that @ our gw would be at least $80-$100!!!

  23. I like the contrasting colors - especially since they are shades of green. You did a great job on the update of the piece. It was quite a steal!

    Thanks for linking to the party.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  24. the hutch turned out beautiful you did a great job

  25. How do you always pick such great colors? You have this instinct of knowing what colors would look great. I wish I had something like this. You got a steal of a deal. You know how to shop.

    -Zane of ontario honey