Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vintage dish cake plates.....

The kids had a snow day AGAIN today. This is the most shoveling I remember doing in years. So like yesterday, I only have a small project to share today.....

You have probably seen the dessert and jewelry dishes around blogland that people are making from vintage dishes. Today I am going to share two that I put together.

I purchase the dishes and vases from thrift stores. I pay anywhere from 50 cents to $1 a piece. Here are the items for the two I will be sharing today.

To attach the pieces I use an epoxy that adheres ceramic and glass to each other.

The finished products are great for desserts, cakes, fruits, soap, jewelry, etc....

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  1. ANOTHER snow day?! HOw fun! And wow your cake plates are adorable. I've always dreamed of having one, but I kind of don't trust my roommates not to break it (;

  2. Those turned out perfect! You sure have an eye for all things creative ;)

  3. I shudder at the visual image of you shoveling that loooooooooooong driveway of yours! Another great craft with the kids! These are precious!

  4. Very cute! I will definitely have to try this project. Thanks for sharing.

  5. going to have to get that epoxy! i made abunch last year and they didn't stick- my mom and i did them together and were so frustrated! i saved all the pieces so i could do it again one day- thanks for inspiring and letting me know what works!

  6. How very cute!
    You always have such great ideas!!

  7. That is awesome Lisa, I love the pedestals and how you made them, Great job!

  8. So pretty! I might try this one!

  9. I have been dying to try this project. So steankin cute!! Johnnie