Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My spring new mantle scape and day 4 outdoor spring clean up~

I have been holding off on sharing my spring mantle scape because it just didn't look right with out something balancing each side of my large mirror. My dream came true one day recently while in Goodwill. I found two of the ugliest and heaviest dark wood 60's mirrors. They were the perfect size and only $12 each.

I primed them, painted the interior white, and the outer frame blue. Next I distressed them then rubbed stain on them for an antiqued appeal.

Last night Randy drilled holes into the wall with a masonry bit, then put screws in for me. I was so pleased with the decor of the entire wall.

And the yard work continues. I am on day 4. The other days can be seen here:

Today I spent 2 hours leaf blowing and dumped two wheelbarrows full of sticks and branches over the cliff. Although there is still soooo much to do, I feel like I am finally making a bit of headway. I blew leaves around a big rock, a large area, a gulley, and made a pathway through the woods leading to the river we walk to in the spring and summer.

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  1. wow the mantel is GORGEOUS!!!!

  2. Lisa,
    Those mirrors look amazing, but I'm sure they were a lot of work, because the ugliest of ugly is a pretty bad start! You are so creative! I love the birds and that owl--SO cute!

    I'm onboard with the yard work. No rain today, so I got out in the backyard this time and cut out all of the grass along the curbing. I cleaned up the perennials too. I was going to take it all to the dump today, but didn't have the energy to go switch my car for my husband's truck at his work. If it doesn't rain tomorrow, I'll be the only lady at the dump. haha. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Your wooded area is looking great! Keep up the good work.


  3. WOW!!!! Those mirrors are so so pretty!!! It all looks perfect together, great job :)

  4. The mirrors turned out GREAT! Ilove your mantle and the little birdies are precious! So is you wise OWL!

  5. That looks great! I love those mirrors. What a great find =)

  6. They are fantastic Lisa~ I love the color you chose~ and they are perfect for your mantle! :)

  7. you are right- these pictures with better light make it even more beautiful! it's breathtakingly gorgeous! all the shiny mirror, silver, white, blue and white light shining on it all... so pretty.

  8. What a pretty mantel!! I love that sweet bird on the left and have a set of birds just like the ones on the right and love them! THe wreath is super cute too!

  9. What great mantel decor. I think my very favorite is the sign against the white brick.

  10. looks beautiful! that is the cutest owl btw and the mirrors turned out really nice. And your yard looks great! I'd give anything to have a yard where I could walk to a river!

  11. I love your spring look for you mantel and those mirrors from Good Will are beautiful all painted up! Your wreath is sweet too. Very nice!!

  12. Your mantle looks awesome and those mirrors really do balance the entire wall! What a great addition! I love mirrors and how they help open up a space and bounce the light around the room. Beautiful mantlescape!

  13. Lisa your mantle is looking simply gorgeous! Your hard work in the yard/woods is looking spectacular too!

  14. I like how you painted one of the 60's minor frames blue. That makes it look much more modern. Looks like you work hard when it comes to yard work. At least you have a leave blower.

    -Zane of ontario honey