Saturday, March 12, 2011

A gorgeous spring project and spring clean up day #1

I had a lot going on today so needed to come up with a quick/easy/inexpensive, but inspirational project.

It all started a with rusted vintage flag pole stand a friend gave me years ago.

Then of course I needed a branch...And I should mention it was FREE! LOL!

I spent a total of $2 on silk flowers at the dollar store and came up with this:

I'm thinking I spent a lot less for this than I would have had I purchased something similar from Pottery Barn. I am assuming most of you don't have rusted vintage flag stands laying around, so use large vase or a galvanized container instead. This project was so cheap and makes a huge impact.

Now, onto the next topic. If you are like me, you start one project and it spirals into 10 more. The snow is finally just about melted here and some warm 50's weather came our way today. RJ and Reece have been dying all winter to be able to get outside and skateboard. With just a tiny bit of snow left on the driveway, Reece grabbed a shovel and removed the rest.

Two very happy campers :)

Now onto the real topic...this spiraled into me deciding I am going to chip away at major yard work this week. I am hoping I can inspire all of you to join me in my quest. We live in the middle of 3 acres of woods, so it is a never ending all year battle around here, but knowing all of you are reading up on my progress will help me truck along. Would love for all of you to comment daily and let me know what you have accomplished around your yard. Even if you only put in two hours a day.

So, here is what Reece's shoveling led me to today....

They needed me to blow the leaves and sticks off the driveway. Of course it led me to start on surrounding areas too.

Unfortunately leaf blowing around our yard entails blowing leaves, sticks, acorns, and rocks. Plus everything had been blown in the fall, but once spring comes around there is ton all over again. Today I tackled the driveway, part of the side yard, and Randy and I got the wood pile cleaned up. Tarps are still frozen to the ground, but we did what we could. Here are the before photos:

And for the afters:

I know, it doesn't look like much, but up close you'd see how much I got done.

So, join me everyday this week and be sure to get some spring cleaning done.

And to complete the day, I finally sold the blue hutch.  Randy and RJ delivered to a couple in a neighboring town.   RJ was paid $7 for his assistance.  More than I ever made when I was 15!

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  1. it looks awesome! is it spring yet??? please???? that is definitely putting me in the mood for some real flowers!

  2. Great idea for the rusted flag stand! You are so creative! It's still a little early for us to get out in the yard, so I'll live vicariously through you for awhile. :)


  3. I am so jealous as we are actually house bound....water has flooded our road and we can't get out! I would love to be outside doing the yard stuff, however, up here in my part of Ontario, we are having what you had down there last week. The rains and snow just keep on a coming! Lots of flooding. Will there ever be and end to "this" winter season?
    Lisa, I love the flag pole holder!
    Hope the boys had lots of fun today while mom and dad slaved ; )

  4. I like how you think outside of the box. Love how you used the vintage flag pole. Very fun! I want one :)

    I worked it the yard today, too. I probably should have painted but it felt good to do a little cleaning up. I know it's hard to tell from pictures but phew... you did a lot of work.

    Congrats on selling the hutch, also. Would you believe I finally sold my blue dresser today? I'd say a good day for both of us :)

    Sleep well :) Michelle

  5. Wow, you are are inspiring. Love the industrial chic look! And I am impressed with your yard work gumption. (?) I stayed in MA this weekend and it was beautiful. The snow is finally melting and I did a little yard cleanup and took the lights off the outside Christmas tree first time I could get to it (literally, we've had so much snow).

  6. Hey Lisa! We actually did yard work yesterday too... raking the leaves in our yard from last fall!! I know that's weird but we moved here from Arizona where we don't have leaves (ha) and now we live in woods (like you) here in TN. I didn't rake them earlier because I figured they would just decompose through the winter, uh, not the case.. Now I know better for next year.
    Love the flag pole idea, very unique!

  7. Wow your kids are better then me at skateboarding. I guess that shouldn't surprise me. I'm glad they are active. I'm not really a big fan of spring cleaning. I really don't care for shoveling leaves in the fall either but someone has to do it.

    -Zane of ontario honey