Sunday, May 1, 2011

Painting signs~Materials to paint them on

Many of you know I have an addiction for painting signs. I have actually put them on the back burner lately, but this week I painted 4. To be honest, I do not like to spend money on the materials I paint signs on. There is so much out there you can get for free, so why spend a dime. I came across 4 things this week to paint on, so I got right to it.

You saw my vintage ironing board I painted the other day. My father came across it for you guessed it, FREE!

The same day he gave me the ironing board, I found a shelf in their laundry room. He was going to throw it away so you can bet I took it. I'm psyched too because he found a few more he is going to give me. This became a "Country Cottage" sign.

Then Randy came home with some scrap plywood the other day from a job. There was no way this was going in the garbage.

One sign became "VINTAGE"...

...and the other one became "FRESH COFFEE"....

Here is a sign I shared a while back that I painted on an armoire lid that was on its last leg.

This was painted with side slats from the same armoire that was falling apart.

These were painted on cedar boards being torn off the walls of our home in the rooms we are gutting.

I could go on and on and on, but we want to end this post sometime tonight...LOL!! These are just a few ideas for large signs.

So look around your house, in you basement, garage, shed, or even in your yard. There is bound to be something you can paint a sign on. It is such a great way to hang inexpensive art with impact in your home.

UPDATE TO THIS POST.  Since posting this I have received many questions asking where I get my stencils.  I have since done a post sharing all of my stencil "secrets".  You can view that HERE.

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  1. You always make the best signs! Love them ;)

  2. where do you buy your stencils?! I have (and love) smaller ones, but I'm a fan of your big lettered signs!

  3. I love the signs, they look great! And, yes, where would I find large letter stencils?

  4. Love your signs! I agree that it's much more fun to paint on items found around the house or for free.

  5. You know I love your signs! So glad you are painting them again.

  6. Hi Lisa!!
    Please don't say you make your own stencils! Although, it wouldn't surprise me if you're so creative. Just in case you don't, can you share your source?
    I love your signs. I don't know if my space an accomodate signs as large as yours, but if I could find smaller stencils, maybe I might find a fit. Thanks!

  7. I rescued a very old oak desk that was falling apart just to make signs with. I still have to come up with my wording for my signs. How do you do your lettering?

  8. Love It!!! The weathered look is awesome!

  9. Great signs, Lisa! And now you've got me looking at furniture in a whole new way. Normally, I just want to paint it--but now I'm looking at taking it apart--especially those pieces that might require too much repair work! :)

  10. I love painting signs as well!
    Yours are great!

  11. These are fabulous!!! Really so fun. Thanks for sharing!! I'm already looking around my place at all of the places I could put a sign! Haha. Come visit me over at for design inspiration and how-to's.

  12. Love your signs. I also don't want to buy wood - there's so much out there that is just getting tossed. I actually made a sign today using the shelf that was in out old medicine cabinet. I was so proud of myself for being thrifty!! :)

  13. Lisa!!
    I just found your blog and I love it! I just made a sign too, actually I restored it.. come see!!

    I'm going to follow you !!

  14. I wish more people would put signs in their homes. Especially signs that are beautiful like the ones you've created. I could see a lot of the signs you made be really beautiful in people's homes.

    -Zane of ontario honey