Sunday, May 29, 2011

A few thrifty finds.....

Nothing to exciting to share with you today, but I did find a couple of fun things at the thrift stores. One of my favorite items to decorate with are vintage vases or bottles with fresh flowers. I especially love it when I find them for a bargain. This gorgeous vintage vase was only 50 cents.....

For only $1, I purchased this vintage green bowl. It became the perfect centerpiece after adding some water and a floating candle.

Then there were these shabby chic plates that jumped right out at me....

Another fun find was this unique butter dish....

I got a couple of other  things, but haven't gotten around to painting them yet....

I did also find some hens and chicks for one of my planters at a really good price. I put them in a concrete planter and surrounded them with moss....


  1. Pretty!!! I love all of your thrifty finds ;)
    Happy Memorial Day!

  2. oh i love your hens and chicks!!! they look amazing! and the green glass dish with the candle is awesome. you are so good with gardeny stuff... love it! i need you to come help me in the garden! :)

  3. OOoooo they are ALL great finds! (I even like oatmeal raisin cookies!) I love the glass vase what a good deal!

  4. Hello Sweetie! I just stumbled onto your blog and I love it! Check out your "vase" in the first few photos....I'm pretty sure that's an old punch bowl vase turned upside down! You "upcycler" you! (Yep, just took another look, definitely a punch bowl base and you got a VERY good deal!)

  5. The vintage vases are more nice then the ones we can buy now. What's also nice is vintage vases are way cheaper. You get the best of both worlds.

    -Zane of ontario honey