Monday, May 30, 2011

Meet Me On Monday~theme party #3~POLKA DOTS

OOPS! Sorry I am getting this party started so late...Seeing that it is a holiday, I forgot it was Monday...This weeks theme is polka dots.

First I wanted to share a few signs though from last weeks party....

A Day In The Life Of Trees:

A Southern Belle With Northern Roots:

Sister's of the Wild West:

Here is another sign I did this week.....

Now, onto the real deal for the week....

POLKA DOTS...Anything with polka dots, but it must be, food, clothing, fabric, etc....Use your imaginations!

Here is the project I did this week:

Just a heads up, the party next week will be PAINTED FURNITURE (This one is for you Cassie)

Now for the rules.....

1.Please link your specific post, not your blog
2.No giveaway or Etsy shop links
3.Grab my button or link my party somewhere on your blog.

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  1. you are too funny! i will be back next week, for sure! :)
    i don't have any polka dots, and i have been busy painting my front door. and it is not polka dot. but there's a thought.

  2. Oh this blue polka dot desk makes me smile and smile. Such a shame my legs are too big to fit under it. But I do have a big one...wonder what that would look like with big polka dots...

  3. Thanks for sharing my sign. Love your new "to the lake". I made one for our back patio yesterday. It says, "the patio". Awesome, I know. lol

    I LOVE the blue polka dot desk...I have an old school desk I could paint. Polka dots never even crossed my mind...I'll have to give that some thought! :)

  4. I am in love like liberally in love with the polka dots on the table. It just brings that table to life. I usually see polka dots on a black surface. It's nice to see that it can look really good on a blue surface. What would be great is if you could make the chair have polka dots on it. That would be great.

    -Zane of ontario honey