Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vending at the flea market...the good and the bad

Today was opening season of the flea market. Which meant packing the car up last night and setting the alarm for 4 am. Sami had slept at a friend's, but RJ and Reece wanted to come. We basically packed a cooler, brushed our teeth, and got into the car.

Of course it is pitch black out and we are all bickering. Rj and Reece are pretty much squished together so they went through the whole sibling "he is touching me thing"....Reece decided he wasn't going if RJ was going, then RJ's teen mouth was flapping at the gums. So they both went back into the house. Mind you, this is all happening at 4:30 am. I run back into the house to see if Reece wants to come now that RJ isn't, and he says yes. RJ asks again if he can come now too. I gave them the quick 20 second lecture that they better not say another freaking (and that is putting it nicely) word to each other.

Next we get to the drive through at Dunkin Doughnuts and the automated voice is repeating itself over and over and over. I felt like it was something out of a bad movie. At this point Randy wanted to get out and punch it. I was not laughing at the time, but now that I am typing this, I am laughing at the thought of how our day started.

We are pulled into our spot at the flea by 5:15 am. It is bitter cold (and I HATE being cold). Once Randy, RJ, Reece, and I got the truck unloaded I began the set up. Reece decided to get in the back of the truck under a blanket and played with his Itouch.

About a half hour later when the sun was coming up, I looked over at him. He had clearly fallen asleep....

Once everything was set up, it looked ok....

Then the best part of the day happened. I got to meet my first blogger friend in person! About a month ago I met Debra from Capers of the Vintage Vixens online. She has the MOST gorgeous, romantic, Victorian, vintage blog ever....She knew who I was right when she saw me because she recognized my colorful furniture, plus I had mentioned to her in the past that I vend at the flea every now and then.....

You should all be proud of me for posting this picture. I DO NOT like to have my picture taken and Debra let me know she felt the same way. We agreed that I would use photoshop to make both of us lose 20 pounds and a few other touch ups. Unfortunately I don't know much about photoshop, so you are seeing us gals "as is"....Debra is adorable and the one on the left....

I was trying to get other pictures of the kids, but they wanted nothing to do with pictures today. RJ did pose for one. I know, he thinks he is SOOOO cool in this picture. You've got to love the teen years when they truly think they are all that! Ha Ha! He even tried to give a flash of his newly pierced ear. He will probably die if he finds out I am posting this picture.....

By this time, the wind is blowing out of control and my stuff is blowing everywhere. We were all pretty miserable again at this point. Then this man walks through our booth and bends over and picks something up. He walks over to Randy and asks if it is ours. Randy told him it wasn't. The man was truly devastated that some poor person may have bought this item ,lost it, and would be sad with out it. So he gave it to Randy. This is what the prized lost possession was.

Yes, that is a missing arm with wire sticking out. Go figure???

The day ended on a nice note because Sami got dropped off to us later in the day.

We packed up soon after and headed home.....Thanks for sharing my day with me despite the ups and downs!

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  1. OMG you are quick to post.LOL It was so much fun to meet you and your gorgeous family! I LOVE everything I bought from your awesome booth and will post it on my blog as soon as I find places for them. You have the best stuff. We have to get together for coffee:) Oh, LOVE the earring;)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Just came over after emailing Debra. I was there today too. I did see your lovely booth of the pretties ones there. I was the crazy one that gave the girl advice about her hydrangea.....what a plant geek I am:)
    nice to meet you!

  3. Your morning sounds like how our family would be too! Thanks for the laugh. How fun that you and Debra got to meet in person.

    What did you do with that monkey???

    I hope the show was a big success!

  4. Lisa, you and Debra a both beautiful ladies and should be proud to have your pics taken!!!
    Your family is lovely also. I hope you sold a lot after all that suffering!!!
    Lisa in WV

  5. LAUGHING OUT LOUD HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ain't life grand and all it's happenings??? Thanks for keeping this real!

    How did you do at the flea market?


  6. Okay, first of all...what are you 20!? how can you look that young with teens?!

    Secondly, it looks SO GREAT with the set up.

    And yay for meeting a fellow blogger. I feel that would be way surreal.

  7. What fun to have your beautiful items sold! They look great, definitely would buy them:)

  8. you and debra are adorable! i love that picture of you- if you can look that cute after getting up that early, then i should hate you. but i can't cuz i love you too much!
    i am so sorry about the dunkin donuts thing- i would have also wanted to get out and beat up the automated voice. ugh. hope next time it's warmer for you- and your set up looked wonderful!

  9. Ha, ha love the pic of your son asleep in the back of the truck! That would have been me :) I'd love to come out to the flea market one of these Sundays - what town is it in?

  10. I have had those days! Hope all went well at the flea. Too bad it was cold, warmer days are ahead.

  11. HA HA HA!!! That pic of Reece sleeping cracks me up!!! Sounds like some solid family memories are being made at the flea market :)

  12. Oh - and your booth looked awesome!!! Did you sell lots of stuff?? Hope so :)

  13. Oh, I have been there so many times before!! Usually I get my hubby to help the night before and the kids help me un-load when I get home for a show. I haven't been able to talk anybody into coming with me the whole day. Good for you!! It's always nice to have company and someone to watch your stuff when you go potty!!

  14. Ok that monkey thing is kinda scary.......
    Sounds like you had a great day!!!
    I love the fact the boys wanted to go!

  15. Hope it was successful...great items for sale!!

  16. What a cute, behind the scenes, post! It's like Reality Blogging! I think your set-up looked lovely (I would be drawn to it immediately). I hope your day was a success and the bonus is meeting a fellow blogger. I'm going to have to check her out b/c she sounds like my kind of gal!

  17. I keep talking about wanting to do a booth at flea markets, but I really think I just want to visit them and snoop everyone's booths.
    For many years I spent every weekend at auto racetracks from 5 am til way past dark. As much as I love junking, I think those hours are behind me. Thanks for sharing and letting me live it through you.

  18. That is funny that your son and daughter fight like that. I'm sure even with all the verbal fighting they deeply love each other. It's nice to see what you look like in real life. You do look like a person that is creative.

    -Zane of ontario honey