Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shabby chic tissue paper pom poms

Sorry but I don't have much exciting stuff to post today. Poor Sami was sick  with a sore throat. It's so hard as mother's because we want to take the pain from them and we can't. I'm going to keep her home again tomorrow and take her to the doctor. She has a pageant this weekend, and she doesn't want to miss it for the world. Twice a year she gets to see the girls who have become her best friends. The weekend is a blast. I will be sure to share many photos on Monday...WOW, do I tend to get off topic....

Anyway, because she was home, I laid and cuddled with her most of the day avoiding any work. So, I don't have much to share, but did get some tissue paper pom poms up in her room yesterday. I have seen these all over blogland and have finally got around to tackling some. I followed Martha Stewart's tutorial. Now I know why she gets paid the big bucks....Mine didn't come out nearly as good as hers.....

I bought a 40 pack of tissue paper at The Dollar Store. I was able to make 4 of these from that pack. Of course I screwed one up royally, so I had to throw it away. Oh well, at least it was only a 25 cent loss.

I have one project left planned for Sami's room. After that I will finally have the reveal of everything together that I have slowly shared over the past week.

Here is a bed I recently purchased and refinished. The reveal will be tomorrow. I know, the before is so darn nasty!


  1. The pom poms look great! Sorry to hear about Sami being sick. I hope she feels better soon. And one last thing...did a horse sleep in that bed? Wow those are some gnaw marks!!

  2. Poor Sami but she's lucky to have a Mom who will snuggle her all day! I really don't think Martha actually makes the pom poms, do you? She gets the big bucks but it's probably some low paid assistant who does all the work for Martha. Can you tell, I'm not a fan, although I love all that she does! Your pom poms are FABULOUS and you oughtta be proud of them! They're fluffy and puffy and pretty! I hope Sami is better for her weekend!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    I'm sorry she's sick and I hope she feels better tomorrow!

    Very cute project. You did a great job! And I'm guessing that Martha has 'people' who put together her tissue paper projects. :)

    I'm sure the bed reveal will be beautiful!

    Have a great night!

  4. poor Sami, hope she's feeling better! Your pom pom s look pretty! I made some of those for my sister's wedding and they are NOT as easy as they seem. The tissue is so thin, but you really need to tug hard to get it bent away from the center so it will be round. rrrriiiiipp. But, they end result is usually adorable :)
    Can't wait to see what you did to save that poor bed!

  5. poor Sami. I hope she gets to feeling better. I know how it is when the little ones are sick, heck even my older ones. I just want to snuggle with them.
    Those Pom POms are great. I am sure they look great in her room.

  6. so cute! mine were not as good as marthas either. for the record, i think she has other people doing her projects to make them look good for pics. :P

  7. It's never fun to see your kids sick. At least they get better from colds and flus.

    -Zane of ontario honey