Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One of a kind~shabby chic chandelier~

Have you ever started a project and know you are either going to love or hate it? Well here is what I had to work with. I got it at Restore for $5.

I have always wanted a chandelier in Sami's room. I've been unable to use one in there though because we have ceiling fans in all of the bedrooms. I have been determined though to figure out a way to get one in there despite the fixture we have in there. I finally figured it out. Although this was fully functioning as a light, I cut the wires out and came up with this.....

The end result.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! The entire project cost me about $12. I have never been a fan of fake flowers, but these just look so darn Pottery Barn....and I got them at The Dollar Store! I also purchased a bag of the Spanish moss there and used only about 1/10 of the bag.

The dangling pearls I had laying around and I just restrung them.

I used a can of Krylon ivory spray paint. It adhered like a dream.

If you are interested in making one of these, it honestly couldn't be more simple...
1. Find a cheap junky chandelier
2. Cut the wires off linked through the chain (scissors work)
3. Prime it first with spray paint (I used Krylon)
4. Spray two coats of whatever color you want (I used Krylon ivory)
5. Stick Spanish moss into the areas where the light bulbs would have gone.
6. Cut your flower stems to the size you want them. Dab glue from a glue gun onto the end of each and insert the wire stem into the moss. It will stick in with out the glue, but I used it as extra security.
7. Screw a hook into your ceiling and hang it from the chain...

See...sooo easy!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this too! Totally shabby chic and totally my style!

  2. Love it!! What a great re-do!!
    -Kim :)

  3. Such a great idea!! Something like this would look great over my kitchen table!

  4. that looks great- the colors are perfect!

  5. Lisa, You did a great job on that Chandi! I have got to go get one to do for my bathroom.

    So glad you finally found a ReStore.

  6. Sweet idea! Gotta love spray paint and dollar store ;-)

  7. Her room is going to be amazing! This is such a cute idea!

  8. SO girly and pretty! Way to think outside the box....or chandelier :)

  9. WOW NICE !!!!!! i like !!

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  10. You certainly had great vision here, because that chandelier was at first really uninspiring as far as I'm concerned!

    I could see some tapered candles where the bulbs used to be.

  11. I love the flowers! I'm re-doing a chandy for my daughter's room too, but she picked brushed nickle for the color (boring to me:))and I am on the hunt for crystals (fake crystals) to drape around it. Your chandy looks awesome and I'm loving the room!

  12. This is just TOO PRECIOUS to stand! I LOVE it!
    It's got me to thinking about an area where I've always wanted a chandy, but the area will not accomodate one. Leave it to you girl!

  13. It's adorable - I just love it!!

    I'm visiting from Met. Monday at Between Naps on the Porch & am following your lovely blog. Hope you can come visit sometime:

  14. I like this. This was a great way for you hang up your flowers on something. I love how you figure out ways to use things. Most people would have given up and put the 10 dollar thing in the garbage can.

    -Zane of ontario honey