Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This post is dedicated to you mom

Randy picks RJ up from practice today on his way home from work. I see them pull into the driveway. 5 minutes later I am starting to wonder why they haven't come in yet. I yell down the driveway and Randy pops out of the passenger seat. Which can mean only one very scary thing. RJ (who will be 16 in less than a year) is driving! I see the car going back and fourth and back and fourth. This continues for about 20 minutes. They were finally ready to come in and Randy let RJ pull the truck all the way up and "take a turn" with out anyone in the car. I have never seen RJ think he is so cool.....

It wasn't that long ago mom, that he was the only child/grandchild that we all sat around oohing and cooing over. Now he is starting to drive. Although I had tears in my eyes from laughter when I was watching him drive in the driveway, I think reality is setting in and I want to go back in time.....


  1. I want to go wake up my babies after reading this!
    I'm freaking out that my oldest is about to turn 5, no idea how I'm going to handle the teen years :(

  2. WOW!! Crazy! Yikes!!! Hang in there, he's still your little boy :)

  3. This is a scary time for mom, but the start of letting go RJ. I was such a nervous wreck when my sons were old enough to drive. Take a deep breath it will all be fine!

  4. My daughter just got accepted to her first choice college. How did they get so old so fast??

    Good luck with your son driving. It makes life so much easier, but a little more worrying is in store too...

    Have a great day.

  5. My oldest son will be getting married in June and my youngest will leave for college this fall. I agree with the going back in time! However I am really proud of the young men they have become.
    Just wait for the first time he drives somewhere by himself. I cried, silly I know.


  6. ok, now i have tears in my eyes... it really does go by in a flash. i saw in front of me rj in that picture, but i saw sawyer driving that car in my head. it goes by too fast, lisa... oh no! make it slow down!

  7. Oh they grow up so fast!! Looks like he was thrilled though. Sometimes I wish I could just pause time just for a little while. So bittersweet.

  8. It does go by way too fast, my oldest will be 20 in May, my baby will be 17 (17!!!) tomorrow!

    I really miss the little babies that they once were.

  9. Oh what thing a mothers heart have to endure. My son is only 13 but there is so much chance in him. He is taller than me, has a blackish shadow over his mouth, his jaw ans shoulders has widend. His behaviour is changed, for better and for worse. haha you know those teenagers. ;-)
    Your son looks so proud. Here one must be 18 before they are allowed to drive. Thankfully. If it was up to me they could waited until 20. But you know, an mothers concern is not always listened to. Baby time is long gone for shure, but now we have the privelegde to see them grow up tp men. Thats a treasure itself.

  10. Isn't it amazing how fast it goes? I look back and often think...I am in awe that I raised these awesome people...Thank you, Lord!

  11. Oh how fast they grow! My youngest is learning to drive, but I'm dragging my feet on this one--as if that will make her stop growing. Someone will have to put me away when she goes to college.

  12. Ohhhhhhhh Lisa.......
    My nephew is graduating from High goes by so fast!