Friday, March 25, 2011

No cost gift/ price tags & practical storage containers

The big flea market I sell at here in Connecticut is opening April 3rd. I am so excited to go and move things out that I haven't been able to sell throughout the winter. I will tell you though, my family is so sick of lugging and packing up furniture. Randy and the kids always ask me why I couldn't have taken the easier route and just have been a seller of jewelry.

So, things here are going to change a bit. I will continue to sell large pieces of furniture on Craigslist and possibly a new shop opening near me (more exciting news on that to come). But as far as the flea market goes, I will be bringing small shelves, bowls, etc. In addition I am going to start selling fashion accessories and make up.

That leads me to the containers and price tags in my title. I picked up a bunch of metal bins and wire baskets at The Dollar Store.

Of course, for those of you who know me, know that I painted and distressed those containers. Next, I was trying to think of a no cost way to make labels and tags. I am a huge fan of Amy Butler and Michael Miller fabric, so I googled some prints and printed them out.

In addition, I used scrap pieces of wrapping paper I had laying around that weren't large enough to wrap gifts. I glued these prints to brown grocery bags. This will provide the label to be stiff and not floppy. Plus the backside will have a shabby brown bag appeal.

I used a glass to trace the circle shape I wanted. Of course you can use any shape you want.

I cut them out and I have my new tags to use as gift tags, price tags, etc.

As you can see, I have used clothes pins and ribbon to attach my tags. There are so many other ways you can attach these. And remember, they are FREE to make. So, be sure not to throw away those scrap pieces of wrapping paper anymore that you don't think will be big enough to wrap something. Recycle gifts cards you receive and use a portion from them.....

3 more days to enter my OKLAHOMA STENCIL GIVEAWAY....


  1. Very exciting. I love what you did to the metal buckets. Good luck on your new venture.

  2. Great idea for tags. Unique. Thanks for sharing.
    - Joy

  3. Great idea Lisa! I have lots of cute papers and love the idea of using them for tags.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. i love attaching them with a clothespin! great idea!

  5. These work! And they can be customized to your liking. Very nice! Keep that entrepreneurial spirit alive!

  6. Great ideas Lisa! .....Makeup? Hmmmm! What kind ; )

  7. pretty prints what a good idea to use them this way

  8. very excited for you Lisa. Love the idea of the gift tags too.

  9. Don't you love the dollar store? I totally sympathize with you guys about the furniture thing. I feel the same way lugging everything from Mass. to NY and then up to the second floor where the store is. I love your furniture so much though! I wish I could sell it! But I'm sure you'll be successful in your new mode. Keep us posted.

  10. Tell tell-where is the flea market in ct?-I'm a fellow nutmegger!!

  11. Lisa, very excited for you! Best Wishes!

  12. I really like the wire baskets you got at the dollar store. I like the green color of them. I'd love to see you create things like birthday and wedding cards. I think you would be good at that too.

    -Zane of ontario honey